Our Father's Farm


Market Info

This is what we plan to have with us at the City Market at the Museum this coming Saturday.

Updated October 28, 2014

Poultry (all prices per lb.)

Whole Chicken $4.50

Chicken BSBreast(2pcs) $7.00

Chicken Drums (6pcs) $4.50

Chicken Wings (10pcs) $4.00

Chicken Necks (6pcs) $2.00

Pork (all prices per lb.)


Ham Steak $7.50

Pork Chops $8.00

(2 per pkg)

Boneless Tenderloin Chops $8.00

(2 per pkg)

Sausage, bulk $6.00

(hot or mild)

Pork ribs $8.50


Butt Roast $7.50

Shoulder Roast $7.50


Pork Liver $4.00

Ham Hocks $4.00

Neck meat $4.00

(soup bones)

Eggs (dz)

Chicken $4.00

Duck $6.50

Half/half $5.50

Dewdrop Inn Soaps

Large Bars $5.00

Small Bars $2.50

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