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Our ground tilling, forest foraging heritage pigs are getting their own page! We will put pictures and updates of our pigs here. If you are looking for pork cuts pricing, please visit our blog page for the most current list of prices and availability.


This is Sowalicious. She is our first breeding Sow. She is a Tamworth and Berkshire cross. We have really been pleased with the quality of the Tamworth breed, as well as their hardiness to thrive in a ground based natural upbringing. Unfortunately, they are hard to find because they are such a slow growing old breed. But after much looking we decided to start our breeding program off with her. We are still looking to add to our breeding program with full blooded Tamworth sows and boars, we just have to find the right ones. 

Our First Piglets


Sow was bread to a full Berkshire, another breed we were very interested in. She gave birth to 11 piglets on December, 18, 2012. 8 males and 3 females. We are super excited about raising them completely from start to finish and having as complete a knowledge as possible of everything that goes into their raising. 

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