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We raise ADGA Registered Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  We are presently selling our goats in order to downsize. Goats available will be listed as such. 

ADGA Registered Does $300

ADGA Registered Bucks $100

We will consider a whole herd sale of all 6 goats for $1200, otherwise they will be sold individually.

All female goats, with the exception of Rosalie, have been exposed for early spring kidding.

For reserving individual goats by deposit, please visit our Web Store page for details.



Iris is a great milker, and a dark haired blue eyed beauty. She is Buttercup's twin born in April 10, 2010 to Tranquility Acres Suzie and sire Crooked Cedar TS. Iris is a great milker, very patient in the milking stand, she consistently gave us a quart of milk a day before drying her off. She has always given us multiple kids as well. SOLD


End-O-Way 4FW Chrysanthemum 

The newest milking doe added from Phillips Phamily Pharm. Chrysanthemum sired by AGS 4 Fun Warrior and her Dam is End-O-Way Tecymbol on June 10, 2011. She is also dam to Daffodil. She is disbudded. Before drying her off, Chrysanthemum gave us 2 cups of milk per day, we aquired after she had been in the process of drying off. She performed wonderfully.


Our Father's Farm Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was born on April 14, 2012 to Dam Buttercup and Sire Triumph.



Johnston Farm Rosalie

Our Rose is a gentle lady and a patient milker. She delivered the first kid, Pumpkin, on Our Father's Farm. She was born in June 26, 2010 to Minted Prissy's Ethyl Mertz and sire Spring's-Meadow Gold Melody. Rose is FOR SALE    $150 (as a pet only, not for breeding. She has lost half of her udder and is not suitable for breeding again).

Johnston Farm Alice Kelly aka Prissy

We call her Prissy as she is our bossy queen of the bunch. She is super friendly and we look forward to kids in the future. She is twin to Rose, born June 26, 2010 from Minted Prissy's Ethyl Mertz and sire Spring's-Meadow Gold Melody. FOR SALE,    $300   (may be bred to Nigerian Dwarf Triumph).


Our Father's Farm Fudge

Fudge was our first buckling born on our farm, and is the twin of Brownie. He was born in July 2010 to The TS Buttercup and sire End-O-Way Triumph DR.

 FOR SALE $100


Our Father's Farm Skywalker

Skywalker was the last of The TS Star's triplets born in July of 2010 to sire End-O-Way Triumph DR. Skywalker is a blue-eyed dark beauty like his sire.

 FOR SALE $100


End-O-Way Triumph DR

Triumph is our reigning sire at the present time. He's a good boy who is all business. He was born in March 2010 End-O-Way Kappella VB and sire End-O-Way Riprock. Triumph is black with a few white spots and blue eyes. He also loves a good scratching.



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